Intro to Curling

The game is played in teams of four. Each member is outfitted with a broom and a curling shoe or slider. The bottom of a curling shoe or slider is made of a slippery material (most commonly teflon) that helps you slide on the ice when delivering the stone and the broom is used for stability during the delivery and for sweeping.


Each player takes turns throwing, or delivering, two 42 lb. stones down a 138 ft. sheet of ice, to a 12-ft. bullseye-like target at the other end. Two players use their brooms to sweep the ice in front of the moving rock as it slides, affecting its deceleration and path of motion.


Depending on the strategy, the stones can be placed in almost any location inside the house (the target) or in front of the house (to guard the stones inside). Stones may also be delivered with enough force to knock your opponents’ stones out of play, in what is known as a takeout. The ultimate goal is to have more stones closer to the middle of the house, or button, than the other team at the conclusion of an end (like an inning in baseball). The team with the most points after all the ends have been played (8 in league play) wins the game.


More Info

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